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 Rules / Regulations

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PostSubject: Rules / Regulations   Thu Jun 11, 2009 3:34 pm

All forum names must follow the same rules as in-game character names.

Any (Censored) will not be tolerated at XtremePvP (this includes hentai). You may post pictures of women/men wearing clothes or partial clothing which covers the private areas, but all nudity and inappropriate content listed below shall earn a lifetime ban from the forums, even on first offense!

Other inappropriate content includes (but is not limited to):

- Gore
- Violent scenes
- Disturbing imagery
- Hentai
- Vulgarity/Profanity (this includes going around the forum language filter)
- Player/Staff/Donor/Server Bashing
- Rick Rolling
- Anything depicting a sexual act
- Content containing illegal activities (By U.S. standards)
- Pedobear

This includes uploads(images, text) and off-site links.

Any posting of, or linking to, malicious files (such as virus, worms, and keyloggers) will be deleted and the offender banned on the first offense.

Members may have a maximum of two images in their signatures with each image being a maximum of 500x200 pixels in size. This means that an image at 600x200 violates the rules, as does a signature at 500x300 pixels.

Members with 2 images may have 6 lines of text in their signature (including spaces) not to exceed size 6 font.

Members with 1 image may have 8 lines of text in their signature (including spaces) not to exceed size 6 font.

Members without images may have 12 lines of text in their signatures(including spaces) not to exceed size 6 font.

Quoted forum text is considered two lines of text (unless several lines).

You may not have more than 4 userbars in a signature without images (12 lines of text allowed including spaces), 3 in a signature with 1 image (8 lines of text allowed including spaces), and 2 in a signature with 2 500x200 images (6 lines of text allowed including spaces).

While Pok├ęplush and other growing creatures are allowed, please limit them to 2 or 3 depending on size.

Any users with signatures breaking those rules will be given a warning/have their signature removed by Staff. Repeated offenses will result in loss of forum privileges.

Any racism on the forums will earn the user a permanent ban from both servers and forums. The punishment for harassment will depend on the extent of said harassment.

This is when a user intentionally disrupts a thread by posting inaccurate, inflammatory, or hateful comments. This is usually one with the desire to get a heated reaction from other posters. Keep in mind that this is a family site, and our forums are not meant for starting arguments. While members may have a difference in opinion, be sure to keep fighting to a minimum.

Spamming can be considered multiple things, but overall: Topics/Posts that do not follow or contribute to the subject pattern of the original forum/topic. This includes the reviving of dead threads - CHECK THE LAST POST DATE BEFORE YOU REPLY!
"Single-smiley" posts, "+ 1" posts, "Hai" posts, Excessive picture responses (lolcats, fail pictures, etc), or quoting a previous post without any additional input are also considered spam, as they add nothing to the topic whatsoever.

If caught spamming your post count may be reduced to 0 in additional to a warning. If you continue to spam your account will be banned. If found spamming on multiple accounts an IP ban will be issued (and may also effect your in-game accounts).

There has been a huge problem lately with irrelevant, inappropriate and/or ridiculously long topic titles. When creating a new topic please use a title that accurately describes the content of the thread, and refrain from using nonsensical or obscene titles (this includes censored words). Inappropriate or inaccurate titles will be edited or deleted depending on circumstance.

The Moderators and Administrators of this site check content for its compliance with the Policies and Guidelines, and dispense disciplinary action at their sole discretion. If you feel your punishment is harsh, you may appeal to the Moderator or Administrator that gave you the warning. Public appeals on the forums are not tolerated and may result in further disciplinary action. Use the "Report to Executive" forum for controversial issues about power abuse or misjudged punishments.

Any staff complaints in other areas of the forum will be closed/deleted/moved depending on circumstance.

Any kind of advertising of your personal/business site (whether through posts or your signature) will be deleted, and your forums account will be suspended/banned or you will lose posting rights. This includes posting of "referrer" links, hacking sites & other Server advertisements.

Any posting of referrer links (whether through posts or your signature) will earn the user a warn & thread deletion (if applicable). These include posts like "CLICK HERE FOR A FREE XBOX/NEW CAR/MONEY" & also links to services that require other people to input a certain code so the original poster can earn prizes. These are highly annoying, & once again, will be dealt with.

These will be deleted, closed, or moved on sight. The majority of our player base is English-speaking, & while a multicultural community is always a good thing, the majority of non-English threads degenerate into topics that are just pure spam. We cannot moderate non-English topics if we do not have staff members who are fluent in that language.

All guild sub-forums must follow the general forum rules with the exception of more leniecy regarding spam and off-topic threads. These should be moderated by the guild's moderation team. If the rules are not followed, your sub-forum will be revoked.

Please do not participate in discussions in the sub-forum of a guild you are not a member of unless you are invited. This will help to avoid unnecessary drama. You will be issued a warning if reported.

Please keep in mind that your actions in game may spill over to the forum and vice versa. This means that if you are banned from the forum you may be banned in game if the situation is severe enough. However, only Management and above may issue an in game ban for a forum offense or a forum ban for an in game offense.

Please keep these guidelines in mind. We all want a friendly community.
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Rules / Regulations
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